5 Ways To Invest In And Style Leather Jacket Outfits In 2023

5 Ways To Invest In And Style Leather Jacket Outfits In 2023

Call it the Hailey Bieber effect, but in recent years leather jackets have made a comeback as the ‘must have’ or ‘lust have’ wardrobe item every person should have.

The outerwear look of the season, the right leather jacket winter outfit can bring you top of any fashion stakes and with minimal effort.

Not a type to discriminate either, the leather jacket outfits in right now are trans-seasonal and androgynous - meaning free of any gender convention or weather restrictions and can be styled in a myriad of ways.

So whether you’re in a state or city with inclement weather, prefer baggy or tailored leather jackets or feel a little new to the leather scene and are unsure where to start, we’ve got a fresh set of takes for all the ways you can style them in 2023.For a roundup of our favourite ways to wear the staple outerwear piece read our guide to leather jacket outfits and styling ideas below.

1. Find your flavour

If we were to use Hailey Bieber as an example, she’s all about oversized outerwear. This some days means baggy jackets and sometimes slim long line leather jackets.

Take this all black street style look seen here, Hailey has a slicked back pony so she can bring all attention to the main piece, her longline structured leather jacket.

With her jacket similar to our very own Ava Leather Blazer available in black, you could pair this piece with black pants, shoes, sunglasses for an easy to adopt ready to wear look.

Alternatively, if tailored isn’t your thing, we love the way she’s kept to all black but gone a size up baggy bomber leather jacket, hair freshly out and blow dried with simple gold hoops. Just as chic, but different flavour thanks to the cuts of the leather jacket styles. Copy this look by shopping our Barnabas Leather Jacket.

2. Flirt with colour

Keen to branch out from black but not too much? Get behind the new wave leather jacket shade - brown.

Far from basic, be it tan, chocolate or caramel, brown is set to be big this season when it comes to piecing together hot leather jacket outfits with substance.

For style inspo we suggest either sticking with either your classic biker leather jacket styles like our Barnabas Leather Jacket in Tan as worn like Gigi Hadid with denim and aviators or with a scarf and baker hat like David Beckham seen here.

3. Mix masculine with feminine

Androgynous is in right now, which is why gender per say is irrespective, instead it’s all about mixing what one would call traditionally ‘masculine’ with traditionally ‘feminine’ to create a new neutral look that balances the binaries.

How does this work practically when it comes to styling leather jacket outfits? Well think of it like mixing what you would consider soft, plain or low key with strong clean lines or structure. For example, if you like wearing floral or soft feminine dresses, pair it with a boxy oversized leather jacket (like our Alexander Bomber Jacket).

Or if you prefer structure and err towards cigarette pants or skinny jeans, keep the tailoring but add a softer less rigid jacket such as our Apollo Leather Jacket in a pastel nude.

4. Think outside the box

Just because you may choose a box style leather jacket (ie blazer or biker) doesn’t mean you need to stick with rigid lines and square cuts for the rest of your outfit.  

Perhaps you change from putting a plain t-shirt underneath and swapping for a soft camisole or chunky turtleneck sweater underneath like Karlie Kloss seen hereOr maybe it’s that you keep to the easy styling options, but mix up the fabrics and opt for a suede leather jacket that essentially reverses the hyde so it’s more velvet like on the outside, as seen by Emily Ratajowski.With the Junia Suede Leather Jacket available in olive green, tan and black you can easily stick to your usual go-to outfit (jeans and monotone t-shirt or floral dress) but mix it up with a new texture and colour.

5. Go big

They say “go big or go home,” and this year’s leather jacket styles are definitely a testament to this.

Rather than making sure leather jacket styles fit to size around shoulders or perfectly to a T at waist and hip ratio, forget all the rules and go 1-2 sizes up intentionally. This is a hard and fast rule for men and women.Whether you prefer the street chic hobo look with baggy jeans, seen worn by Hailey Bieber here in Vogue, or prefer a tastefully coordinated bomber jacket with a leather mini skirt that looks well put together such as this look scene here in Vogue, either goes! Just remember to always size up.For more on how to tie leather jacket styles and trends together or even work with specific leather jacket pieces like Biker Vs Bomber Jackets see our blog here or shop all our leather jacket styles here at Apostl.
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