Leather Protector Spray

Leather will last a lifetime, but only if looked after with care. Cue the Apostl leather protector spray.

Come rain, hail or shine, a good leather spray will effectively safeguard your leather jackets, bags and accessories while preserving the integrity of the leather, no matter the weather.

At Apostl, the Aqua Seal Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning is our go-to leather protector spray.

With a convenient spray applicator, you can use it as a leather waterproof protection spray or for conditioning.

Suitable for smooth, grained and suede leather, it won’t darken your items and is the best waterproofing spray for your leather goods.

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Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning Spray

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Apostl Leather Protectant Spray

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FAQs | Leather Protector Spray

What Does Our Leather Protector Spray Do?

Protect and maintain the quality of your APOSTL leather goods with our Aqua Seal Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning Spray. 

This versatile spray is specially formulated to waterproof and condition your leather at the same time, and is suitable for use on all of our products. 

Whether you want to preserve the pristine condition of your new APOSTL items or rejuvenate an older piece, simply apply the spray and enjoy long-lasting protection from the elements.

Benefits of our leather protector spray include:

  • Prevents water from soaking leather and the resulting damage done to its fibres.
  • Conditions by adding back lost oils that keep leather from becoming dry and brittle.
  • Quick application using a convenient pump spray.
  • Will not darken leather.

How Do You Use Leather Protector Spray?

You need our Aqua Seal Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning spray in your leather care kit for ultimate protection and hydration. 

Your leather should be free of dirt and grime before applying the spray, so be sure to use a leather cleaner first. We recommend testing in a small, hidden area before applying to the whole piece. 

To waterproof and hydrate your leather, simply spray our Aqua Seal Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning Spray evenly across the item. Let it dry for one hour before applying a second coat. Allow that to dry overnight. 

Whenever your leather is feeling dry, simply spray evenly and massage it into your leather. Use a clean cloth to gently wipe off any excess. 

Using a leather protector spray on your products will extend the life of your leather and ensure it stays in immaculate condition.

What Types of Leather Products Can I Use Leather Protector Spray On?

Our Aqua Seal Leather Waterproofing & Conditioning Spray can be used on all of your APOSTL leather products.

Protect and condition your favourite leather jacket, your leather handbag, and other leather accessories.

Our leather protector spray is suitable for all types of smooth, grained and suede finished leathers.