The #Apostl Story

From Tasmania to Indonesia, and back.

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The Methodology

APOSTL was born from an inability to find items which combined style, functionality and durability. At APOSTL we are committed to producing a range of products which are beautiful, sustainable and will complement your lifestyle! 

Whether you are in the market for business wear, casual wear, accessories or a classic statement piece, APOSTL is your go-to partner. Our products are designed to exceed your expectations for quality and our business model ensures that you can feel proud of your purchase.

All APOSTL products are designed in Hobart, Tasmania by me, founder BJ Radcliffe.

— BJ Radcliffe

The Process & Value

All APOSTL products are designed in Hobart, Tasmania by the founder BJ Radcliffe. Each piece is then handmade by skilled artisans in our partner’s boutique workshop in Bali, Indonesia. We enjoy a close relationship with our manufacturers David and Eka and consider them family. We take great pleasure in visiting the them twice a year to catch up, discuss products and plan for the future.

Our manufacturers are paid a fair price, on a per-piece basis, which both ensures the highest standards of quality for each and every item, but also guarantees that the manufacturer receives a fair proportion of the benefits as APOSTL grows.

We believe that by directly aligning our interests in this way, we create the environment and culture which both encourages quality and satisfaction for our customers and also job satisfaction and security for our employees and partners.

Our Ethos

Unlike many companies that use overseas manufacturers, we are committed to non-exploitative business practices which focus on collaboration and are designed to enhance the lives of our Indonesian partners.  

 This means that the craftsmen and women who produce our items are able to not only support themselves and their families but thrive. Since partnering, we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship and in 2018 our partners were able to increase their workforce and expand the size of their existing workshop.   

At APOSTL, family and relationships are of the utmost importance. The happiness of our manufacturer, employees and customers is the cornerstone of everything we do. We see family, friendship and community as the keys to our success. This can be seen in the name of the products, the models we hire and the people who run our stores. We believe in growing together and supporting the small guys! 

Meet your Owner

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Meet your Maker

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