Why Travel Tote Bags Are Having A Moment This Holiday Season

Why Travel Tote Bags Are Having A Moment This Holiday Season

Think totes, think the bag equivalent of a little black dress or black leather jacket.

They are super versatile, chic, will match with any outfit and are a reliable go-to whenever you’re in a rush or in doubt about what to style your look alongside. 

With a long line design, tote bags (and travel tote bags) give off just the right amount of laid back swagger and sophisticated chic while offering spacious room to carry all your essentials, making them the best go-travel accessory for any guy or girl.

They also are super versatile and don’t discriminate when it comes to who, when or where they will suit, hence why we see them as a perfect holiday essential!

You could be a frequent flyer, regular market shopper or once a year library trip goer, with travel tote bags, the sky's the only limit…and maybe not even because they are also a great carry-on bag.

So whether you have a weekend getaway planned or are just keen to add some swag to your every-day commute, get the lowdown on how to shop for a travel tote bag, including what travel tote bags are available and how you can style them best by checking out our tote bag guide below.

5 Reasons Travel Tote Bags Are Hot Right Now

1. All the A-listers are wearing them

Seen sported by all the stars lately from Joe Jonas to Charlie Hunnam doing their groceries (see here) to Emily Ratajkowski and Priyanka Chopra (seen here) rocking canvas and leather totes effortlessly as at the airport, it’s fair to say travel tote bags are a hot take trend that is going to stay well in beyond Summer 2023.

There is also no limit to what travel tote bag look is in either - with Emily seen strolling the airport runway with a canvas tote (such as our Apostl Canvas Tote Bag ) through to Kayne West seen holding a leather tan tote bag (like our Alexis Tote or Barnabas Tote).

2. They are the epitome of laid back chic

You will never be seen or considered ‘trying too hard’ with a tote bag.

Designed to be slung over a shoulder in a low key way, travel tote bags, whether canvas tote bags or leather tote bags are simple in design and function, making them an effortless look and option.

For those looking to have a companion to the farmers market or beach we love the new Apostl Everyday Tote - think super roomy and functional with an easy to wear shoulder strap for those days you buy extra groceries or take too many books to the beach.

Or alternatively for a lightweight option that fits just a few essentials like a wallet, towel and drink bottle without extra straps we vibe the Apostl Cotton Tote Bag or basket-style Myra Tote.

3. Can go between a carry-on piece and wardrobe staple

We all know how strict airlines are when it comes to carry-on luggage, particularly the budget airlines.

If you need to pack a few things to keep you entertained on flight but are worried about risking the weight of a heavy bag, then a travel tote bag is sure to be your new best friend.

For the most weightless carry-on bag you could possibly check in with, we recommend a canvas or cotton tote such as our Apostl Canvas Tote Bag or Everyday Tote Bag.

Minimalist in design and fabric, these travel tote bags are lightweight and can even be folded to go into a larger handbag or suitcase if necessary, to make for easy travelling.

4. They are easy to wear and effortlessly chic

Picture this: you’re wearing denim jeans, a crisp linen shirt, oversized sunglasses and a large tan tote bag in hand.

Effortless, chic and an easy to wear look you can take from the airport to downtown, just ask Usher.

With the R&B artist seen wearing the same get up (here) with a  ridiculously large leather tan tote bag we think the same style cues translate man or woman, not to mention will leave you looking fly, no effort needed.

When it comes to leather tan tote bags similar to Usher, we recommend the Alexis Tote or Barnabas Tote or for a more exotic look to take beach side or to markets mix it up with the new basket-style Myra Tote.

5. The sizes and styling options are endless

Unlike other holiday bags such as suitcases, waist bags or backpacks which are either overtly large or tiny, you will never have to worry about size or really any questions like: ‘how big a tote bag should be?’, ‘can I use a tote bag as a carry on?’  or ‘how much weight can a tote bag hold?’ when it comes to flying and travelling.

This is because with travel tote bags, the fabric and design will determine the weight, the function or use and how much it can hold.

Generally as we’ve alluded to throughout there are two types of tote bag types - canvas and leather tote bags.

Canvas or cotton tote bags are ultra lightweight and will hold all your bare essentials without flagging the attention of airline staff.

However the lighter the tote the less durable in terms of how much weight and what items can be placed in there.

A travel tote bag MAY hold five books but not 10, or two pairs of shoes but not four.

But if you do intend to carry shoes or food then the upside of a canvas bag particularly a blank tote bag with minimal branding (like our Apostl Canvas Tote Bag) is that it makes for easy washing and won’t compromise or affect the design or quality of the bag.

Whereas a leather tote bag aka structured tote bag is a great option for carrying more heavy weight items like a laptop or important work documents due to leather durable nature.

The only thing to be mindful of is that leather tends to be a little heavier than canvas, so a hot tip is to weigh in before the airport and make any last minute unpacking adjustments if needed.

For leather totes including black, olive, nude and tan leather totes see our range here.

Just remember when it comes to how much weight can a tote bag hold there is no magic number.

In our experience it’s down to quality of leather and general care and common sense.

Planning to purchase a tote to take you through the travel season?

If wondering how big should a tote bag be you can learn more on tote specs by checking out our size dimensions on the Apostl Tote page here.

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