How To Wear And Style A Leather Biker VS Bomber Jacket

How To Wear And Style A Leather Biker VS Bomber Jacket

A leather jacket is much like a soulmate, find the right one and it will be a loyal, kick-ass companion for life. 

The right jacket should make you feel good, elevate your personality, compliment your style and be reliable. 

In a nutshell it’s the kind of wardrobe staple you want to invest in wisely and like any good relationship you should ensure you explore what feels and fits right and consider how to style it before committing.

A good leather jacket - whether it’s a leather bomber jacket vs biker jacket - should stick with you through any season, style changes or holiday sojourn if it’s the right one.

While some trends come and go, leather is a forever kind of thing so when it comes to selecting the right style, colour and fit you want one that will suit you and feel like a second skin in order to last long term.

So you’re looking to give your wardrobe an overhaul and uplevel your staples for a more timeless and sleek wardrobe that will see you through the seasons read on for our style and shopping guide below.

3 Tips For Deciding Between A Biker Vs Bomber Jacket

1. Source style cues from celebs

Feeling a leather bomber jacket might be your jam? Then start by looking to the current street style looks from Hollywood hot listers - think Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

As seen here in Who What Wear, Rihanna and Hailey Bieber both are known to rock a leather bomber jacket effortlessly translating the look seamlessly from day to night. So when debating how to style a leather biker jacket, see how they pull it off and what may work depending on your usual lifestyle re casual vs glam.

As pictured, Hailey wears a leather bomber jacket dressed down by day with denim, a white t-shirt and minimal makeup, while Rihanna pairs it with leather pants, glam makeup and a chain necklace for night.

One commonality they share though is the fit…think loose and baggy. Rather than wondering how should a leather bomber jacket should fit, just know it should always err towards oversized. When in doubt, go up a size!

For the perfect oversized design, see our gender neutral black Alexander Bomber Jacket.

2. Consider what compliments your current look

Prone to dressing in black or neutrals all year round? Then a little black jacket (LBJ), be it a biker vs bomber jacket will always serve you well.

On the other hand, if you love pastels, patterns, clashing colours or bold designs and block colours then perhaps a different shade leather bomber jacket or biker jacket style will serve your wardrobe best.

For blokes new to the leather bomber jacket game, wondering how to style a leather biker jacket start by looking to your shoes, belts and work bag (i.e. backpack or satchel) to get a sense of what colour and leather bomber jacket will tie in nicely with your current look.

Are you more of a dress down in all black denim and t-shirt kind of dude? Then take style cues from David Beckham and pair it with a Apostl Alexander Bomber Jacket 

Alternatively, if looking to find a leather bomber jacket womens design that will pair nicely with a feminine wardrobe (think dresses or bold block colours) we love an oversized bomber jacket paired with red dress and sneakers like Hailey Bieber here

Or if unsure between biker vs bomber jacket (with bomber being more street cool but casual) perhaps try a biker jacket with a dress for a more glam chic look as seen here by Olivia Wilde.

3. Style according to size and colour

One of the most obvious differences when making the choice between a biker vs bomber jacket is that a biker is fitted and a bomber jacket is oversized.

Keeping this in mind, there is no answer for how a leather bomber jacket should fit it’s down to style preferences and occasion.

Going on a Winter holiday to New York or London or just tend to layer up? A classic black leather bomber jacket could be your best bet as it will keep you toasty and the oversized fit tends to be much roomier which means you can bundle a few layers such as a t- shirt and knit under it with no qualms.

As for how to wear a leather bomber jacket we love the idea of androgynous styling (ie gender neutral looks) - think beanie, rocker t-shirt, baggy or ripped jeans with our Alexander Bomber.

Alternatively, if you are into a more tailored jacket, a piece that stands out or you want to show off your unique features, we recommend mixing it up and opting for a coloured leather biker jacket.

While black is a chameleon colour that works well with most outfits, it is also neutral, which is why a bold coloured jacket is one way you can learn how to style a leather biker jacket and have fun with it.

For example, if you are into paisley dresses, an olive green Barnabas Leather Jackets could enhance a nature inspired pattern well. Or if pant suits or skirts and blouses are your usual work attire week-on-week, a nude Barnabas Leather Jacket could add just the right amount of feminine chic to your otherwise day-to-day monochrome wardrobe.

For more styling ideas check out a curated gallery on how to style leather bomber jacket and biker jackets from one of the fashion bibles over at Elle or Vogue.

To shop a full range of biker or leather bomber jacket womens or mens designs, see our Apostl store here.

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