How To Style A Green Leather Jacket like A Celeb | A Guide

How To Style A Green Leather Jacket like A Celeb | A Guide

A little black leather jacket is not dissimilar to a little black dress, it’s a wardrobe staple that is easy to pair with any outfit, versatile and will coordinate with any colour.

But as for a green leather jacket? We’re talking about a whole other ball game. This season green is having a moment and it makes sense: it’s fresh, chic and Summer/ Spring appropriate. Plus if Hailey Bieber and Miranda Kerr are anything to go by, it’s on point this season trend wise.

However pulling off green well with an ensemble requires a little extra finesse (and sadly we don’t all have access to paid stylists).

So to look sleek without looking like you’ve tried, we’ve gathered tips to teach you how to style green leather jacket so you can give off the same I just casually ‘threw it together ’ vibe (often seen with a black leather jacket) but with a little thought out attention to detail.

Read on below for our tips on styling green leather jacket outfit ideas (with cues from current celebrities) so you can make people green with envy this Summer.

5 Tips For How To Style Green Leather Jacket

  1. Get the right green.

    Some greens should never be seen… so with that said, the first thing is to choose a cut and colour that you know will bode well for the season and / or suit your clothing style.

    Within the green spectrum, while a few select people can pull off garish greens, we think a safe green leather jacket choice is arguably a nice light olive type tone that gives a hint of natural chic.

    Within the Apostl collection, we have two olive green leather jacket womens designs, a suede style (the Junia Suede Leather Jacket) and a traditional leather biker-style jacket (Barnabas Leather Jacket).

    Both our jackets are a regular cut that falls just by the hip, a design we think makes for a staple with any outfit (from a dress to jeans and a top).

    We recommend this cut as a starting point for a trans-seasonal piece that will suit all day to night looks, however if a long line (like Hailey Bieber) is more your jam you could also try the Ava Leather Blazer.

  2. Elevate an everyday look.

    Start integrating a green leather jacket into your day-to-day staple looks by thinking: a classic  t-shirt and jeans or cotton day dress as a soft way to start introducing a coloured jacket.

    Looking to everyday style, we love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley take on olive green bomber with a grey t-shirt, black jeans, slick pony tail and chunky jewellery.

    This could be easily adopted with either our Junia Suede Leather Jacket or Barnabas Leather Jacket both are green leather jacket womens designs that look good styled in the same way Rosie does or adapted to suit either denim blue or navy jeans and a white top, as seen on Miranda Kerr.

    Alternatively, for a softer feminine look during the day, think low key Kate Moss London look with a black top, black skirt (or dress), flats, an oversized handbag and a green leather jacket hung over the shoulders.

  3. Be bold.

    One thing Lady Gaga and Rihanna both have in common is their ability to take risks, play with colour and be unashamedly bold when it comes to fashion.

    For style cues that are a little less day-to-day and instead make a statement, both celebs provide great inspiration for alternate ways to style green leather jackets.

    Seen wearing a green leather jacket two different ways, Lady Gaga is a great source of inspo for how to play with colour. In the first glam look (seen
    here), she is seen wearing a buckled up green leather jacket, with black leather boots, big sunglasses and wavy hair. While in a contrasting look (seen here), she goes all in on green, matching her hair colour and her high heels with a bold red lip.

    Whereas Rihanna (seen here) wears a green leather jacket with a rocker t-shirt, high ponytail, black cap and denim jeans for a more street chic look but similarly paired with a red lip as well.

    The lesson here? If you like colour, don’t skirt around the edges, go all in. Either clash and contrast with red or other primary colours or coordinate completely and add other varying tonal greens in.

  4. Play it down.

    Prefer to mix and match a dressy design with a casual ensemble? Then take notes from Gigi Hadid’s street style (seen here) for a fresh take on green leather jacket outfit ideas.

    For a athleisure inspired street style look, she partners a bomber-style green leather jacket with a pair of coordinated green track pants, over sized sunglasses and black trainers for an effortless street style look.

    The best part too is it doesn’t really matter whether you’re into fitness or just can’t be bothered to think about what to wear.

    By pairing a green leather jacket with any activewear be it leggings, shorts or track pants, it gives off a low key look that implies you are being active even if you’re just walking to get coffee. Who doesn’t love that?

  5. Add on accessories.

    Sienna Miller is arguably the queen of street style, known to pull off any outfit without technically looking like she’s tried. The question is just how does she do it? With accessories. Be it a leather tote bag, baker boy hat, boots or jewellery she adds one or two touches for a well put together outfit.

    One look we can’t get enough of is her take on an oversized green leather jacket women's style paired with buttercup yellow baker boy hat, black skinny tights, a navy knit and red moccasin style shoes (seen here). It’s the perfect balance of clashing colour meets casual meets fun all at once.

    If there’s one thing you take from Sienna it’s that you can never be too brave to throw on or add an accessory, colour or layer. For a similar look, try our
    Barnabas Leather Jacket in olive with your choice of coloured leather shoes or tights.

    Alternatively, while not pictured in this look, she is also known for rocking serious oversized leather tote bags.

    So if you need a way to ease into learning how to style a green leather jacket, why not invest in a
    Apostl Alexis Tote Bag or Apollos Tote Bag to sling over your shoulder for instant Sienna style vibes.

    Still need more ideas for how to style a green leather jacket? Check out our Instagram for street style inspo or see our Apostl online store to see how our two green leather jacket Australia designs are worn by our models

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