5 Tips For How to Pack Your Travel Bag | An Apostl Guide

5 Tips For How to Pack Your Travel Bag | An Apostl Guide

Summer is here and with it the holiday season often brings one of the best times to travel. While travel is great, packing can be such a pain point.

It’s either you don’t have time, it’s boring or you end up torn about what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ pack and stressed about the weight limit.

Suffice to say, learning how to pack a bag for travel is arguably one of the most valuable skills you can have, up there with deciphering ‘what is the best travel bag to buy?’

A weekend getaway for example will always vary from an international trip in terms of luggage and need. You may for example want a leather travel bag for a few days away or may own a suitcase, but want a minimalist travel crossbody bag for shopping or hikes.

Whether you are looking to get out of town for a short getaway and limit how much you lug around, or considering a leather travel bag that will last the distance on a international stint, we’ve got you covered.

To help you switch into travel mode stat, we’ve curated a list of packing tips and tricks that talk you through how to pack a bag for travel and how to pack a bag for international travel.

We’ve also rounded up a few leather travel bags we love that are both quality pieces that look chic but also make for seamless travel wherever in the world you are - be it in Milan, Paris, Bondi or Bay of Fires.

Read on for our leather travel bag edit and tips on how to pack your travel bag below.

  1. Consider the destination

    A tropical oasis versus a wilderness hike will inevitably inspire different packing needs. But if you’ve browsed Instagram and pre planned the place you’re going in advance, having the visuals will really help you in knowing how to organize travel bag.

    Once you have a sense of the weather, activities, culture and or the country itself this will become a great starting point to mentally begin planning what to put in a travel bag.

    For Spring or Summer locations, think lighter cotton, linen, swimwear, thongs. Whereas for Autumn or Winter you will need knits, scarves, jeans and coats (or leather jackets).

    Once you have a clear vision this will not only help determine what is the best travel bag to buy but how to pack your travel bag.

  2. Compile a flat lay of options

    You’ve got the vision, know the style you’re going for - now it’s down to selecting. Begin by mixing and matching colours and styles, tops and bottoms, then start being selective about your outfits.

    A handy tip we love to determine what to put in a travel bag is to spread a whole range of options (think clothing, accessories and shoes) out on your bed and style them as a flat lay.

    In seeing what items might pair well with others, this can determine what coloured shoes or travel crossbody bags may work with multiple outfits and save you space instead of overpacking extras.

  3. Pack heaviest items first

    We’ve said it already, leather can be a little heavier, so whether you are planning to use a leather travel bag (such as an overnight bag) or pack leather such as leather shoes, leather belts or a leather travel crossbody bag you will want to factor these items in first.

    We recommend always wearing your heaviest items on board the aeroplane, if weight limits apply.

    By wearing heavy items it technically minimises travel bag weight so you have more room for future shopping or can allow you to sneak in an extra such as shoes or leather belt.

  4. Get rolling

    It’s always a debate between rolling or folding, but as season travellers we find rolling saves space, time and allows you to tightly pack more clothing items side by side (and in gaps).

    Fold your items in half, then roll lengthways so they make tight little oval bundles. Pack side by side to create a base row, then feel free to keep stacking with clothes or other items and if you have space still left, feel free to squish more bundles into remaining spaces if fully filling the suitcase.

  5. Do a final review and or cull

    Coco Chanel once famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off,” and we think the same can be said for packing.

    Having a range of options is great, but if you have three white t-shirts or shirts, sandals in multiple colours or 10 bikinis for one weekend away it’s safe to say you can let an option or two go.

    By reviewing what’s in your leather travel bag, you will minimise stress around baggage limits and save yourself from the back pain of an overstuffed bag.

    On the other hand, if you’ve packed lightly, do a mental run to make sure you’ve packed for all seasons or needs. This is important for knowing how to pack bag for international travel such as checking you’ve packed medication or beauty products you may not get access to overseas.

Our Leather Travel Bag

Pondering what is the best travel bag to buy to suit your budget or destination? We’ve curated a quick and easy leather travel bag shopping guide below.

  • Weekend getaway: The Bartholomew

A sophisticated overnight bag, The Bartholomew is the perfect leather travel bag and a popular go-to in terms of a men’s travel bag. It’s swanky to look at but is also spacious and easy to travel with thanks to the handles and shoulder strap.

Shop The Barthlomew.

The John Backpack is a leather travel bag for the man who likes to travel light but look on point. In terms of ‘what are smart bags for travel?’ the John Backpack will carry the right amount of towel, water, and wallet.

Alternatively, for travel bags for women, we’re all about the crossbody bag for a small bag to keep a lipstick and wallet in that feels safe, zips up and can be carried in front or as a clutch bag for hitting up a cocktail bar.

Shop the Amara Crossbody Bag or Apollos Crossbody Bag.

Amara Crossbody - Tan

Keep valuables and files safe while looking the right amount of swagger for that important business meeting with the James Briefcase, a perfect men’s travel bag for those on the go.

Alternatively, as for travel bags for women who may want to carry more than the bare minimum, the Vienna Bag is a leather travel bag that excels, with extra compartments, zips and space for a laptop, jumper, snacks and makeup, sure to keep you dressed for success.

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