The Leather Christmas Gift: An Apostl Gift Guide

The Leather Christmas Gift: An Apostl Gift Guide
It’s that time of year, the party season is in full swing and often the thought of going Christmas shopping is just another layer of stress.

Whether you’re unsure what to get your significant other, are tired of opting for the same old presents or not sure if what you get will even be used, it’s tough.

So to make life that much smoother we’ve curated a leather Christmas gifts guide that will ease stress this season and score you extra kudos with your loved ones.

Leather is arguably one of the best items you could ever give when it comes to gift giving. It's synonymous with style, suits both gender and is a luxury product that’s timeless, durable and will always get use, making it a lifelong investment.

With a staple collection of leather present ideas from wallets to large luxury items like travel bags and leather jackets we’ve got a range of leather gifts for every budget, occasion and style preference.

Check out our Apostl leather gifts edit, curated for him and her below to be one click away from an exhale and stress-free shopping season ahead. You’re welcome.

The Leather Christmas Gifts Edit

Leather Gifts For Men

Outside standard socks and clothing, often choosing a gift for a bloke can be hard. It also depends on their age, style and the likelihood to use said gift. If it isn’t practical, chances are he won’t use it.

But in good news, men like durable, practical and timeless pieces and leather gifts tick all of these boxes.

Within the Apostl collection we’ve got a good mix of luxury leather gifts for men that may just fit the bill.

To give you some insight to what might work when it comes to leather presents for him we’ve broken it down into categories of the event and or personality type as to what leather presents for him work.

The Frequent Traveller

Just as the name suggests, these gifts best suit the man who either travels a lot, stays overnight at places, frequents the gym, carries a lot to work and commutes regularly or who has an adventurous spirit.

  • Apollos Travel Wallet
    For the man on the go, the Apollos Travel Wallet is an ideal gift in terms of leather presents for him, thanks to its ideal capacity to hold passports, flight tickets and itineraries all in one place.

    With so much ample space, it also will fit cards, cash, coins and even  pens…making it a clear winner for men both practicality and style.

    Made with fine luxury pebble leather and hand-crafted, it’s a clear go-to in terms of leather gifts for men that won’t break the bank. Shop the Apollos Travel Wallet here.

  • Bartholomew Bag
    A luxury item sure to be a man’s new best friend, the Bartholomew Bag is a truly legendary choice when it comes to leather gifts for men.

    An overnight bag that we like to call high on the ‘swank spectrum’ thanks to its luxe leather exterior and roomy size, the Bartholomew is a duffle bag suitable for gym, travel, work or play.

    With a spacious main compartment and internal zippers it can work as carry-on luggage or hold all his daily essentials for gym-to-work-to-office commuting and has a removable shoulder strap and handles for easy carrying.

    A high end item in terms of leather presents for him, we’d recommend considering it as a gift for the top tier men in your life such as partner, son or father. Shop the Bartholomew Bag here. 

The Hustler

This edit of leather gifts for men is best suited to the ambitious career man, the high achieving student with big dreams, or the creative entrepreneur who works from all different cities.

  • The James Briefcase
    It’s a timeless design that features old school buckles and offers a natural swag that will up his work status and style credit from the offset.

    Made with genuine leather the James Briefcase comes in a matte black or tan leather and features two compartments inside for a laptop and or accessories. It can also be carried as is with the centre handle or worn slung over the shoulder with a longer strap.

    In terms of leather presents for him, our briefcase is sure to be a crowd favourite with the hard-working, studios (and style conscious) types. Shop the James Briefcase here

The Dad

From the stay-at-home dad through to the on-call over the weekend dads, these options are great leather gifts for men who can appreciate the craft and practicality of leather presents that bring them more ease as a father.

  • The Vienna Bag
    It may seem a little unusual to put this one in the mix, but in terms of leather present ideas that will solve so many problems and make life simpler, we know some dads will love the Vienna Bag.

    A backpack meets nappy bag, the Vienna Bag is awesome because it gives off the subtle impression of being a normal leather backpack, but on closer glance offers all the handy pockets and perks of a nappy bag. Think bottle holders, pram straps, padded shoulder straps and all of the internal pockets (for snacks, toys, nappies and valuables).

    In terms of leather gifts for men, this is the kind of nappy bag a dad will actually wear with pride (and find useful too!). Shop the Vienna Bag here.

    • The Leather Jacket
      Leather jackets are a staple item that never goes out of fashion, but particularly if you have a man in your life, be it a partner who is a dad, or your own dad, who you know could do with a wardrobe upgrade, a leather jacket might be the ideal gift.

      Out of all the leather gifts for men, a jacket will hands down be the one they wear and keep forever. Design wise you can’t go past the Alexander Bomber it’s a hit for the young and the old.

      Perfect for the pub, a date night or a street style look to carry you through day to night, the Alexander Bomber will be a hit with your man and is one of our top recommendations in terms of leather presents for him. Shop the Alexander Bomber here

Leather Gifts For Women

Perhaps different to men who may prefer practical, durable elements, when considering leather presents for her it often is about thoughtful intention and buying a meaningful piece that carries sentiment.

Within the Apostl range we have a beautiful mix of luxury leather gifts that will suit the women in your life.

To give you insights into what might work when it comes to leather presents for her we’ve broken it down into similar categories based on personality type as to what leather presents for her may work.

The Fashion Focused 

Maybe it’s about looking high end, maybe it’s about clothing that is sustainable or maybe it’s about practicality and laid-back ease, either way all these options work as leather gifts for her.

  • The Leather Jacket
    Within our women’s collection, we can’t condense it down to one women’s leather jacket type as there are so many beautiful styles and cuts to choose from when it comes to leather gifts for her.

    Instead we recommend considering when or at what occasion the woman in your life is likely to want to wear the leather jacket and let that be how you choose.

    In terms of casual look with jeans or a dress in Summer, the Junia Suede Leather Jacket works well and comes in three colours - we love the olive green.

    Alternatively in leather gifts for her who is more corporate or chic in style, we love the Ava Leather Blazer or the Apollo Jacket.

    Or for an all rounder classic black staple you can’t go past the Barnabas Leather Jacket.

  Shop the full range of women’s leather jackets here.

The Girl About Town

This category is for the women who like to shop, wine and dine perhaps in a cocktail dress and minimal baggage or who hop between cities, have a free spiritedness and love to wander markets or travel.

  • Lydia Coin Pouch
    For women who love a market meander, who may keep one card or minimal cash on them and who prefer not to be tied down with bulky items, meet the Lydia Coin Pouch.

    This wallet fits the bill in terms of leather presents for her because it’s teeny, comes with a key chain so it can dangle off a bag or be held by fingertips, is minimal in design but still has a zip so that one card or note can be kept safe in transit.

    A great present for a nomad, a beach lover, fitness motivated or younger girl too as a first wallet. Shop the Lydia Coin Pouch here.

The Career Woman

This category is for the woman who works hard, carries a lot and may need to transition to after work events too.

  • The Alexis Tote

    A multi-functional tote bag that can easily fit everything except the kitchen sink, the Alexa Tote is chic and spacious enough to fit all her daily work essentials - be it laptop, snacks or manilla folders.

    With a removable shoulder strap available, it makes those days where carrying a lot much gentler on the body but also offers longer handles for those on the run moments.

    With three colours available the Alexa Tote is sure to impress your mum, sister or Mrs. Shop the Alexa Tote here.

  • The Betty Belt

    A simple accessory but a big statement the Betty Belt is a staple gift that ticks the leather presents for her box but isn’t too pricey or polarising.

    A seamless accessory to add a layer of sophistication to any work look - particularly in corporate workplaces where black is the go-to uniform - you can’t go past the Betty Belt.

    Made of genuine leather and featuring a silver belt buckle with a Apostl stamped logo, the Betty Belt is chic, minimal and will cinch in waistlines like a charm. A great leather present for her.

    Shop the Betty Belt here. 

The Mum

Be it a career mum, a juggling multiple kids mum or a stay-at-home mum, all mums will appreciate gifts that focus on tailored leather presents for her needs.

  • Pram Straps
    A super practical present that gives big gains, our Apostl Pram Straps are an incredibly well thought out accessory that makes all pram journey’s so much smoother.

    The Pram Straps can be clipped onto a stroller or pram and can then allow for other bags, accessories to be attached - making it a very useful addition to have on days where the bottom compartment is full from grocery shopping or nappy bag essentials.

    In terms of leather presents for her we know this will be loved by any new mum needing a few simple life hacks to make life run smoother in those early new born years.
  • Crossbody bags
    Any mum will tell you just how many hands you need to try to juggle and do it all with little kids. Which is why we know when it comes to leather gifts for her, a Apostl Crossbody Bag will be loved from the get go.

    Within our current collection we have a range of Crossbody Bags to suit the important mum or woman in your life who is busy and needs her hands free to pick up kids or get groceries without the added strain or pressure of carrying a handbag.

    For the mum who needs to fit a fair bit in but still wants only a small bag that’s not intrusive, we recommend the Amara Crossbody Bag as the main choice in terms of leather gifts for her.

    Alternatively for a less bulky slim option that carries the bare minimum such as keys, cards and a lippie or dummy we like the Apollos Crossbody Bag as recommended leather presents for her.
For more leather gifts and leather present ideas we recommend checking out our accessories page or shopping the entire Apostl collection here.
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