5 Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Love

5 Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Take your wedding anniversary from boring to rock and roll with these leather anniversary gift ideas that look good and will last a lifetime.

As a wedding anniversary rolls around, it can be easy to revert to panic thinking, worrying what to get or feeling bored by the standard jewellery, flowers or chocolate gifts ideas. 

But the good news is, it doesn’t need to be a bland afterthought or border on boring.

Weddings have modernised a lot since the early days of Elizabethan traditions… just look to current celebrity ‘It’ couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who recently got married wearing ‘his’ and ‘hers’ leather jackets at an Elvis chapel in Vegas…

It turns out lovebirds needn’t be confined to the generic, you can in fact make a wedding and anniversary gift modern and completely your own such as with leather anniversary gift ideas.

By choosing something with longevity and substance…you’ll not only be keeping up with the Kardashians (Barkers) but by opting for modern leather anniversary gift ideas (be it his and hers or a singular partner only) you’re giving something that speaks to a lifelong partnership.

Leather not only carries a lot of clout in its own right… but it also oozes rock and roll, never ages and is durable, strong and resilient… much like a good marriage should be.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that leather is in fact considered a traditional anniversary gift.

While it’s able to be gifted during any year of marriage, leather has long been known to be the gift that symbolises the third year of marriage.

Why is leather the 3rd anniversary gift? It’s said, by the third year of marriage, couples become so in tune with each other that they fit like a leather glove and are cut from the same cloth. Cute much?

With this in mind, as curators of leather goods at Apostl, we want to empower you to choose the best leather anniversary gift ideas for your lover, be it a husband or a wife.

To learn more about leather gifts that will be loved, read on for our edit of the five best leather anniversary gift ideas where we break down what is a good leather anniversary gift product wise and highlight what to buy for anniversary gift for husband in terms of leather goods (as often men can be harder to buy for).

5 Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Love 

In this edit here’s what you can expect…

A thoughtful guide to the best leather anniversary gift ideas available from Australian label Apostl.

We also give you clues on what is a good leather anniversary gift depending on the occasion, season or life stage and what specifically to buy for a wife or what to buy for anniversary gift for a husband.

1. The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is arguably the most iconic, timeless and chic gift you could ever purchase for a partner.

Men and women alike are drawn to leather jackets so not only is it a safe go-to in terms of leather anniversary gift ideas but it will be adored and whenever it’s worn they will think of you.

Currently in our men’s leather collection, we are digging the Alexander Bomber leather jacket. For those wondering what to buy for anniversary gift for husband, your boy Alexander has you covered.

Within the women’s leather collection, we are all about the new long line Ava Leather Blazer. For women who like to wonder ‘what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?’ and follow the age old traditions, this beauty will go down in history as an iconic third year of marriage gift.

Best gifted to: her or him depending on the leather jacket style. 

Shop our full range of leather jackets collection here.

2. The Crossbody Bag

The most practical and chic staple when it comes to small bags, a crossbody bag is the kind of leather anniversary gift idea that the woman in your life will wear for the rest of time.

With one slim strap that allows for hands-free wear, a leather crossbody bag makes date nights all the cuter and day time all the easier  - especially if your wife has their hands full with a baby or loses keys easily in a large handbag).

In the current collection, we have two designs: the Apollos Crossbody best suited as slim daywear (think minimal accessories) and the Amara Crossbody a chunkier version that can take women from day-to-night (and maybe even fit a toothbrush for cheeky anniversary weekend getaways).

Best gifted to: her

Shop our full range of women’s leather bags collection here.

3. The Travel Wallet

The best kickstarter present ahead of an anniversary getaway, a travel wallet is a natural choice.

One of the leather anniversary gift ideas that is sure to hold sentimentality for a long time to come, a leather travel wallet is not only a classic choice but is even better gifted as a set.

We recommend choosing two identical coloured travel wallets and monogramming your couple initials or ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ to each wallet for a truly thoughtful gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Within our current collection the Apollos Travel Wallet  will fit passports, cash, itineraries and even the tickets for a surprise flight too… making it one of those leather anniversary gift ideas sure to spark excitement and inspire many adventures to come.

Best gifted to: both as a his and hers (or his & his /or hers & hers) matching set.

Shop our full leather wallets collection here.

4. The Nappy Bag

It’s the ultimate gift for mum’s or dad’s entering the newborn or toddler era. 

It may not scream romance on the surface, but when it comes to trying to find a practical bag that both looks stylish and fits all the standard baby needs like nappies, bottles, blankets and snacks, nothing could be sexier than a partner who has tracked one down.

Think major brownie points sure to make both yours and your partner’s lives as parents all the more seamless.

Within our current collection, the Vienna Bag is the ultimate all in one nappy bag. It has serious storage, looks chic (think unisex with pebble leather) and is super functional (hello bottle holders).

Made to be worn as a leather backpack or carried by hand, the Vienna Bag has capacity to carry baby goods day-to-day but can also be multi-use and adapted as a work bag (that fits a laptop) or as a weekender (for anniversary trips).

Best gifted to: her or him (whoever is on baby duty).

Shop our leather nappy bag collection here.

To learn more about what are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year we recommend checking out Brides website for a full list.

5. The Briefcase

This could go down in history as the best gift you could give a husband. 

A briefcase has a long history of representing a man’s sense of status, style and success.

A leather briefcase never goes out of style when it comes to men’s wardrobes and it doesn’t matter if they are a corporate worker or a creative who has street style, a good leather briefcase can adapt to suit any man of swagger.

In our current collection we have one chief design, the James Briefcase, available in tan leather and black leather and featuring old school buckles and a long line strap and top handle for crossbody wear or everyday carrying.

In terms of leather anniversary gift ideas, a briefcase is always a good idea for the man in your life. You’ll never need to worry about what to buy as a anniversary gift for your husband again, this will top them all.

Best gifted to: him.

Shop our full range of men’s leather bags here.

Ps don’t forget to gift wrap it… 

A leather jacket or leather accessory is really only as luxe as the way you gift it. Make an impression from the moment you wake up and offer your thoughtful purchase by thinking ahead and knowing how to gift wrap a leather belt, jacket or bag.

Simple tips for wrapping leather gifts:

  • How to gift wrap a leather belt: curl the leather belt into a tight circle, secure with tape or hold down then wrap it with gift paper or leave loosely unwound in a gift bag.

  • How to gift wrap a leather bag: throw white tissue paper into an extra large gift bag then let some of the tissue tuft out around the sides to give that luxury designer store bought look.

How to gift wrap a travel wallet: with all our wallets sold in Apostl embossed rectangular cardboard boxes, wrapping just became ten times easier. Simply purchase a gift wrap in a chic colour such as gold, black or white and fold the paper around the rectangular box, secure it with tape and tie a neutral ribbon around it.

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