3 Tips On How To Style A Crossbody Bag For Any Occasion

3 Tips On How To Style A Crossbody Bag For Any Occasion

Like a clutch bag but better, a crossbody bag is a bite sized carryall that can store your most essentials but also thanks to the long strap, be slung over the shoulder or across chest to allow a hands-free experience.

As a mini bag, it allows the best of both worlds. It’s small enough to not weigh you down but is big enough to carry a phone, wallet, passport, lip gloss, keys and any other small accessories.

It’s also having a major moment right now, with Who What Wear declaring them ‘ultra chic’ and an ‘it’ item for 2023 and Olivia Wilde seen touting one in Paris while shopping.

With so many crossbody bags debuting in 2023, it’s time to discover how to wear a crossbody bag and what the must have crossbody bag styles of the season are so you can rock one this season.

Read on for our guide below where we breakdown what a crossbody bag is defined as and share ideas to inspire your next purchase or how to style your outfit with one below.

What Is A Crossbody Bag?

The perfect hands-free shoulder bag for adventures, a crossbody bag is an essential leather staple that can provide just the right amount of storage for small accessories alongside a long strap for easy wear.

Said to date back to the 17th century, as a progression of a leather pouch (or coin purse) used by fisherman and mail carriers, today crossbody bags carry the same functionality but tend to hold modern day items (like iPhones) and are predominantly embraced by women (i.e. mums and girls out for cocktails or farmers markets).

With the world reopening (post COVID-19), crossbody bags have recently made a comeback as the perfect go-to bag for travel and socialising thanks to their lightweight carryall capacity (read: doesn’t require lugging a heavy bag). 

With this in mind, not only are crossbody bags better for your back and posture, but they also offer an inbuilt level of safety. 

If you’ve wondered ‘where should a crossbody bag sit?’ most often as the name suggests they are worn in front of the chest making them a great travel crossbody bag option that you can see and ensures easy access to belongings (a bonus when visiting places with risk of pickpockets).

Easy wear aside, they are a hot take for 2023, with celebrities Alexa Chung to Emily Ratajkowski big fans thanks to their easy day-to-night wear versatility and options as a travel crossbody bag that can be worn from flights straight to shopping.

So if you’ve been wondering if it’s a fad or are crossbody bags still in style, we can assure you they are set to be in hot demand all 2023. To learn more about how to style a crossbody bag such as our Amara Crossbody bag follow our tips below.

3 Tips On How To Style A Crossbody Bag For Any Occasion

1. Consider the occasion

Be it jetting off to Coachella to dance all day and night or running around with the kids in the park, knowing the occasion you’ll likely be wearing your crossbody will influence what crossbody to buy and where should a crossbody bag sit style wise.

For festival goers or cocktail date nights, consider what bag will match your outfit. If it’s a live music gig, you will want to enjoy a hands-free option, so a crossbody bag worn over the chest will be the best way to style it. With tan a great shade that works nicely with a denim and sandal combo.

If a date night is more likely on the cards, think black and a sleek minimal design such as Apollos Crossbody Bag that is slim to waist and carries only essentials but looks nice slung across the shoulder

Alternatively, if you want a smaller than usual handbag that is practical and can carry car keys, a baby dummy and your wallet, consider a functional carryall such as our Amara Crossbody Bag in nude (worn across chest) for a soft leather option that allows you to pick up the kids for hugs and play time without any risk of it falling off your shoulder.

2. Look to latest seasonal street style trends

Depending on the season you invest in and your own personal style, naturally how you style a crossbody bag with clothes, shoes and accessories will vary.

Take high Summer, you will want a crossbody bag that ties in nicely with anything whimsical, cotton, linen, floral patterned or denim. You may also want a pop of colour for a playful high vibe look - think Pippa Middleton as seen here sporting a floral maxi dress with a green crossbody bag and tan shoes. For a green crossbody shop our Amara Crossbody Bag in Olive or Apollos Crossbody Bag in Olive.

Conversely, if its Autumn or Winter and the focus is on jeans, trench coats and blazers then look to celebs like Katie Holmes, who wears one with a black trench, denim jeans and contrasting tan crossbody bag and sneakers or Emily Ratajkowski who pairs a tan crossbody with a orange blazer and knee high black boots.

With both black and tan crossbody bags available in both chunky and slimline styles, at Apostl you will find similar designs that are high quality and suit all seasons.

3. Contrast colours

Monochrome will always be a staple look when it comes to fashion, but if you want to add a hint of personality or fun to your daily style consider choosing a colourful crossbody to contrast your clothes.

With celebrities like Emma Stone rocking a red crossbody bag with denim and blue cotton shirt through to Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a tan crossbody to contrast her all black attire the style choices are endless.

For a tan crossbody bag like Gywneth’s that’s able to be worn with all black or clashing coloured or patterned clothing, we recommend Amara Crossbody also available in olive, nude and black.

To learn more about our crossbody bags Australia owned and designed or shop the collection see our Apostl travel crossbody bags page here.

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