Mastering the Essentials of Nappy Bag Packing

Mastering the Essentials of Nappy Bag Packing

A must-have bag that you need as a new parent is none other than a nappy bag. It has compartments and pockets that provide enough space to keep your baby's essentials handy. A nappy bag is better than your usual big totes because it has organisational features for baby items and is designed to be more durable. 

Knowing what to pack in nappy bag essentials to put in will help you to prepare better before going out with your little one. 

So whether you are a first-time parent or not, you can still find valuable information in this article. Read on below to find out what to pack in your nappy bag.

Nappy Bag Essentials to Pack

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It can be overwhelming on what to pack in a nappy bag for the first time. Here are some of the essentials to make sure a day out or travel with the baby will go smoothly.

1) Baby milk accessories

Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, make sure you have your accessories with you. Find travel-friendly nursing covers, breast pumps and milk containers.

2) Two to three nappies

Bring at least 2-3 extra diapers in case of emergencies or extended time outside. 

3) One Baby blanket

Have a baby blanket just in case it gets cold outside. Having a blanket on hand also allows you to create a comfortable and familiar space for your baby to take a nap.

4) Baby hat or bonnet

Always have a bonnet or hat for your baby to protect baby from harsh sun, strong winds and even insects. 

5) A pack of disposable baby wipes

Keep about a pack of baby wipes in your bag to easily clean up spills and mess. 

6) Change mat

Having your own changing mat provides a clean and hygienic surface for diaper changes.

Need a high-quality nappy bag? We've got you fully covered. Shopping from a brand like ours gives you access to exquisite-looking baby bags in Australia that provide enough space to keep all your baby's essentials.

What to Consider when Choosing a Nappy Bag
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There are hundreds of nappy bags available out there but here are the basic things you should consider when getting one. 

1) Look for a nappy bag with multiple compartments, pockets, and sections to keep items organised.

2) Make sure it is durable considering the wear and tear from frequent use and the variety of items it will carry.

3) It should have adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

4) Babies can make a lot of mess so it should be low-maintenance or easy to clean. 

5) Classic and unisex design that can be worn by mum or dad in style. 

Our Bags That You Can Use As A Nappy Bag

Multi-purposeful: Vienna Baby Bag

The exquisite aesthetic of the Vienna Baby Bag backpack is one that you'll fall in love with. It is very durable—all thanks to the high-quality black pebble leather it is crafted from.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose nappy bag, look no further than the Vienna Baby Bag backpack. It comes with different pockets and two purpose-built bottle holders—making it an efficient nappy bag for everyday use. 

If you love travelling or have errands to run with your little one, the Vienna Baby Bag backpack is a great option. You can wear it to a park, airport, zoo, beach, parent workout class, aquarium, or virtually anywhere. This backpack is ideal for parents and nonparents of all ages. With the included pram straps, you can attach your Vienna Baby Bag backpack to a stroller to enjoy hands-free convenience. 

Shop the Vienna Baby Bag in Black color 

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For the modern woman: Alexis Tote

Exquisite and bold aesthetics are the definitions of the Alexis Tote bag in black color. This rich tote bag, made from A-grade black pebble leather goes well with almost any outfit and gives you a head-to-toe enhancement. The Alexis Tote nappy bag comes with a removable shoulder strap, enabling you to carry this bag effortlessly. Its compatibility with pram straps is a feature you'd love if you use a stroller when outdoors with your little one. 

Achieve that bold, confident, and modern look with this tote bag. It brings a touch of versatility—enabling you to wear it to work, professional settings, fashion events, meetings, and other functions.

Shop the Alexis Tote in Black color and pram straps here

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Unique Beauty: Apollos Tote - Olive Green 

Need a tote bag that looks great in an olive green colour? Look no further than the Apollos Tote bag, made with premium A-grade leather. It comes with a removable shoulder strap—enabling you to wear or style it however you want to. The unique and simple aesthetic of the Apollos Tote bag would blend well with any casual outfit. 

This tote bag is a nappy bag and can be worn virtually anywhere. Whether you are going to work, school, or anywhere else, the Apollos Tote bag is one of the best bags that you can wear.

Shop the Apollos Tote in an Olive Green color

Thinking of what casual top to wear while out with your little one? If so, try our Little Pioneer Jumper in black hue color. It is made from 100% cotton. The polished finish of the Little Pioneer Jumper gives it a gorgeous and exquisite look. And let's not forget—it is comfy, which makes it a perfect match for a nappy bag.

The TakeAway

Going out with your little one can be a hassle since you never know what they’ll need, Having the essentials list can help you organise your nappy bag better. You can always add more depending on where you’re going and how long. The important thing is to be prepared and have a nappy bag that is practical and durable enough for any surprise. 

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