How a Leather Jacket Should Fit - Size Guide and Style Points

How a Leather Jacket Should Fit - Size Guide and Style Points

We talk through how a leather jacket should fit and how to invest wisely to use our size guide to find the perfect leather jacket to see you through the seasons.

Think leather, think the kind of luxury investment that requires a sense of knowing exactly what to look out for and in the case of fashion, just how a leather jacket should fit so you get that second skin feel and fit.

As a staple designed to see you through the long-term, unlike catwalk trends that come and go each season, leather jackets are made with longevity in mind - using durable leather that custom fits to you.

With this in mind, if you’re looking to invest wisely and wondering just how much will a leather jacket stretch and what will suit you best, the answer lies in knowing your style and body type.

As a fail safe guide, leather always has a natural sense of stretch and will naturally mould to fit you and your body, but the best way to know how a leather jacket should fit is down to two factors - time and wear. Like a fine wine or luxury set of Egyptian cotton sheets, leather jackets are much the same, they simply become better, stretch more, feel softer and grow comfier with time.

When purchasing a leather jacket there are a few style tips and considerations to keep in mind to ensure you know how a leather jacket should fit you and your body.

Read on for our Apostl leather jacket size guide and key style points including just how will your leather jacket stretch and how a leather jacket should fit and feel from the get go.

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The Lowdown On How A Leather Jacket Should Fit

In a nutshell, a leather jacket should feel so luxe that it melts around your body and feels custom fit for you. But speaking more in practical terms, how do you know how to get that buttery ‘just-right’ fit?

Purchasing a leather jacket shouldn’t feel daunting, so to help you feel empowered to make the choice that looks and feels right, follow on for our practical tips for how a leather jacket should fit and what to look out for when investing so you can ensure you get that as if naked feel from the get go.

4 Style Tips On How A Leather Jacket Should Fit

1. Think, a second skin

A luxe fit is only as good as the leather it is made from. Before splashing out on a leather jacket, learning about the source of the leather (animal skin or hyde) is important as this will influence whether the leather jacket will stretch and know how the leather jacket will fit in the long term.

In terms of genuine leather jackets, cows hyde is a popular choice as it’s durable, comfortable, water resistant and with time feels like a second skin.

The second skin feel is not just figurative, but has a literal component too. When it comes to making a ‘feel good’ conscious choice, at Apostl, we opt for ethically sourced A-grade genuine leather that uses by-products of the meat industry and encourages sustainable and ethical practices. 

This means we take a conscious approach to crafting leather jackets using cowhide that would otherwise be discarded. As a sustainable product, the skin can start a little stiff but like a good pair of shoes, with wear becomes softer and more supple, making it the ideal choice for comfort, longevity and feel good purchase and wear factor.

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2. Keep style in mind

There is no right or wrong rule when it comes to how a leather jacket should fit, especially when worn as a fashion statement. A classic look could be opting for a fit that moulds to your body, but a seasonal trend could be an intentional ‘oversized look’ that drapes over shoulders and has a slouch style fit.

Other style considerations for how a leather jacket should fit can come down to gender type or season.
Men may prefer a larger fit to accommodate shoulders and gym gains (i.e. room to grow) and go for a slouch fit such as our Alexander Bomber Leather Jacket. Whereas women may prefer a slim fit that starts tailored to shoulders and waist and gives a little stretch for layering long sleeved staples as the Winter season progresses (think our Apollo Leather Jacket).

In this sense, fashion and individual style plays a big role, but if you’re considering ‘will the leather jacket stretch?’ then it’s likely you need to assess - if shape or size is likely to change, if you want to layer or if the leather jacket alone will keep you feeling snug and warm for the cool season without added sleeves underneath.

Keep style in mind

3. Know size ratios

Trying on a leather jacket first in store before buying is definitely more of a luxury now, with ordering online the natural go-to for both the busy and time poor.

With online ordering, the best way to ensure you get the right fit and in this case, know how a leather jacket should fit from the start is to measure up first.

While fits will vary from men to women, at Apostl we have a general size guide when it comes to helping you explore your ideal size and learning how a leather jacket should fit based on height, waist, hip ratios.

Within women’s leather jackets, we have three main styles: Junia Leather Jacket, Apollo Leather Jacket and Barnabas Leather Jacket. So to find out how your leather jacket should fit, see our comprehensive size guide chart for an overview that covers all measurements from shoulder width to bust and torso.

Within men’s and unisex, we have one main style, the Alexander Bomber which is designed as an oversized slouch fit, so it doesn’t the question of will the leather jacket stretch, as you want it to feel loose and give off that baggy street style vibe, but for direct tips on how leather jacket should fit, see its direct product page here.

Know size ratios

4. Go for the feel good factor

Tend to still prefer a good old fashioned try before you buy? Well even though we’re an online retailer, a nice local alternative that may help when trying to determine how a leather jacket should fit before buying would be to come see us direct at Apostl HQ or Salamanca Markets.

For those based in Tasmania or even visiting, booking an in-person experience can give you the chance to try on a leather jacket and be a comforting salve for those naturally anxious about getting the right fit.

An added perk too, if you visit us at Salamanca, you can have a more personalised experience - with BJ’s mum often there to talk you through it and assist you in the buying process. A true Apostl advocate, Maree is a big fan of the way her leather jacket has softened with time and will gladly show you hers so you can get a look and feel and see how well they age with time.

It’s also a nice way to give you peace of mind if wondering either - how a leather jacket should fit or will a leather jacket stretch, as you can get a feel for yourself and how the jackets responds when on your body.

Go for the feel good factor

Apostl Leather

For a fit appointment email or come see us at Salamanca markets on a Saturday.

To shop our leather jacket range, head to our leather jackets page or to learn how they are handcrafted, watch our video on how a leather jacket is made live on Apostl here.

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