Apostl Guide To: Are Leather Jackets Warm Enough for Winter?

Apostl Guide To: Are Leather Jackets Warm Enough for Winter?

Wondering whether leather jackets are warm enough for Winter and worth the investment? Read on for our guide to why leather lasts the test of time and will keep you both hot and chic year round.

It’s no understatement that leather jackets are synonymous with Winter, style and longevity. The question remains though, are leather jackets warm enough for Winter?

Well, just look to any fashion capital, from London to Denmark and you soon see that leather jackets are a staple that speak to colder climates and are a common thread that keep these cities' style cred high.

With style icons Kate Moss and Sienna Miller big leather jacket wearers and known for their low key London looks, leather jackets have gone on to become both trans-seasonal pieces and a Winter staple.

With that in mind then, the question isn’t so much, ‘are leather jackets warm enough for Winter?’ but ‘how does a leather jacket provide warmth?’ and making sure you select the one that will do the trick.

To find the best leather jacket to see you through the colder months, while staying as chic as Sienna and Kate (obviously), we’ll guide you through a few key essentials for choosing the right leather such as - looking at lining, evaluating windproof or waterproof capabilities and styling and layering considerations.

Read on for our Apostl guide to defining if a leather jacket is warm enough for winter and a leather jacket buying guide.

4 Key Considerations To Determine Are Leather Jackets Warm Enough For Winter

1. Learn the leather source

Want a certain level of ‘internal heater mode’ when it comes to a jacket? For those wondering ‘are leather jackets warm enough for Winter?,’  know that it all comes down to the leather you purchase.

Genuine leather can come in all sorts of varieties, depending on the animal it is taken from. Leather types can include cow’s hyde (most common) through to deerskin, lambskin and goatskin.

While all have their own benefits, cow's hyde is one of the thickest, strongest, most durable leather options, meaning it is naturally warmer and ideal for longevity if looking for a once in a lifetime investment.

At Apostl all leather jackets are made of premium A-grade cow’s hyde that is ethically sourced, sustainable and handcrafted and stitched by local leather artisans.

With this in mind, for those looking for a warm leather jacket, Apostl leather jackets are a great fit when it comes to style, longevity and the cosy factor.

For a thicker option that requires minimal layering under it, we highly recommend the Barnabas Leather Jacket.

2. Look to the lining

Lining is a surprisingly understated yet important consideration when it comes to debating are leather jackets warm enough for Winter?

Price point may play a partial role here into whether you are able to source a well lined quality jacket.

Often the faux leather jackets you see commonly sold in mid-price retail stores tend to be lower in price point but as such reflect poorer quality fabric, lining and stitching.

With lining the fabric sitting closest to your skin and working to protect and maintain the integrity of the leather jacket for the long term, lining plays a rather significant role in the warmth and quality of the jacket.

What to look for in terms of leather jacket lining? Begin by knowing what the lining material is made of.

Lining can be made of any fabric from cotton to wool or a blended cotton such as cotton sateen. Within our Apostl leather jacket range we work with cotton sateen due to its high quality nature.

The key benefits of cotton sateen lining include: durability, smooth surface (feels silky on the inside), high quality luxury feel and fit, water resistant and repelling quality making it easy to wipe down and clean.

In terms of warmth, the Sleep Foundation recommends sateen as the go-to choice for cold sleepers due to its ability to ‘trap heat.’ 

So for those worried and wondering ‘‘are leather jackets warm?,’ it’s safe to say with sateen lining hand woven into all Apostl leather jackets will keep you snug as a bug and almost as if tucked into a warm toasty bed.

3. Layer your look

We’ve mentioned how style icon Sienna Miller can make leather jackets a year round statement but the question is how does she pull it off and when might you layer?

While leather jackets can be a stand alone statement, more often than not, leather jackets work as a staple that pairs perfectly alongside everyday looks to elevate style, while then also naturally adding a level of warmth.

Just in the same way jewellery can accessorise a look, a leather jacket often can be used in the same way.

While the practicality of a warm jacket is valuable, when it comes to leather jackets they are often chosen for one of two purposes - to up style ante OR take the edge off a frosty day when at an outdoor pub, a winter wedding etc.

With this in mind, knowing what you want to use your leather jacket for primarily will play into how important the question is surrounding ‘are leather jackets warm?’ or if it’s more about learning to layer a look with a leather jacket.

For those wanting to invest in a leather jacket as a statement piece, we recommend worrying less about the quality of warmth and focusing on how you plan to layer it.

Ideas for layered looks as inspired by Sienna Miller could be - a leather jacket over a thin grey knit and jeans, a leather jacket buttoned or zipped up with a thin tank top for warmth or over a smock long sleeve dress with stockings.

With all layered leather jacket looks, it’s important to focus more on a lining that is easy to clean and a leather that takes the cool edge off but may be thinner as a complimentary piece rather than a thick base.

For a thin, lighter leather jacket option, we highly recommend the Apollo Leather Jacket.

4. Know your lifestyle

Lifestyle is a key component when it comes to leather jacket decision making. Depending on what climate you live in, how often it rains, how cold it is and how often you plan to wear it will all play a role in ultimately what leather jacket will suit you best.

Wind prone places such as cities by the sea like Copenhagen may need to focus on a jacket that takes a cool edge off and acts as a windbreaker. Whereas cities that experience rain, hail, cold snaps and snow such as our local home in Hobart may want to consider waterproof capabilities.

When it comes to a general rule of thumb, if pondering ‘are leather jackets waterproof’ the short answer is that leather jackets will always provide a subtle level of wind breaking and water resistance.

However, if you are in a city prone to experiencing rain and are wondering ‘are leather jackets waterproof?’ then the genuine answer would be no.

Leather jackets are highly durable but cow’s hyde as a natural source isn’t designed for waterproof capabilities given it is a natural source.

That said, a little water exposure will not harm the leather but it is not designed to be worn in the rain in the same way a raincoat is. The best way to not worry ‘are leather jackets waterproof?’ is to know how to guard one, be it with a leather protectant or having an umbrella on you at all times.

Still concerned about whether leather jackets are warm enough for winter or wondering are leather jackets waterproof and able to endure all conditions? Check out our care guide for valuable tips on how to keep leather well loved.
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