How To Style A Jumper With Leather Jacket

How To Style A Jumper With Leather Jacket

Learn how to style a jumper and leather jacket together or how to style a jumper over a dress to stay hot while looking effortlessly cool this Winter.

Winter can often get a bad rep when it comes to fashion, with the cooler temp leading to a tendency to dress down out of comfort and practicality (thermals and puffer jackets anyone?). 

But when done right, nothing is more stylish than a consciously layered winter look.

From a turtle neck jumper with a houndstooth scarf, leather jacket, felt hat and boots, you can easily turn a dull grey day into London street chic in no time.

It’s all about investing in key staples and turning to celebrity style gurus to learn their tricks on how to style a jumper with a quality leather jacket and accessories best.

When it comes to attainable everyday style, think Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Keira Knightley. As style icons known for their effortless street style, these Londoners can just about turn any knit into a statement piece. It’s all down to knowing how to style a jumper well.

As Winter is well upon us, it’s never been a more ample time to up your style game and bring spice to your wardrobe, especially for those prone to more chilly conditions where ‘comfort tendencies’ feel strong (*ahem* such Southern states like us in Tasmania…).

To help you gear up and look good throughout the colder months, we’ve created a Apostl style guide detailing tips and tricks for how to style outfits like a fashion influencer or celebrity.

In our guide you’ll learn the basic art of how to style a jumper including various staples and combinations like: how to style a cropped jumper, how to style a jumper over a dress and how to style a black jumper - using style guru Sienna Miller as our muse. 

It might be cold outside but you can always look flaming hot, no matter what. We’ve got you.

Read on for our Apostl ‘How to style a jumper’ guide below and for further ideas we also recommend sussing style guides and cues from Vogue, Style Magazine or Harpers Bazaar.

The Basic Art Of How To Style A Jumper 

Riding off the coattails of celebrities past, we’ve curated a simple list of five key style elements you can draw on to go from a novice in how to style a jumper to a seasoned pro.

Keen to uplevel your winter look asap? Read on for our tricks on how to style a jumper, all you will need is said jumper or sweater and an outer layer (hello Apostl Barnabas Leather Jacket).

The rest is down to you and the accessories you have to pull together for an iconic look.

4 Practical Ways To Learn How To Style A Jumper

1. Start with outerwear first

Be it a trench coat, felt coat or a black leather jacket, start the styling process by choosing a key outerwear layer first. The outwear you choose will naturally influence what colour, design and knit style you layer underneath and direct how to style a jumper in a chic, flattering way.

For example, if you want to dress up and be a little boujee wearing a leather jacket, then opting for a thin knit and/or a cropped jumper may work best, as it won’t dominate your statement piece. If you also tend to find cropped jumpers a little tricky to pull off in Winter, this is a simple way to learn how to style a cropped jumper as well, just throw on a leather jacket and #nailedit.

2. Consider colour

Even if monochrome is more your kind of vibe, don’t dismiss colour completely. 

Even if basic black on black is your go-to, learning how to style a black jumper with a black leather jacket and adding an accessory, statement handbag, jewellery or shoes with a hint of colour, texture or blinging metal vibe - think gold with black leather jacket (hot!). 

Our best advice for how to style a black jumper in Winter (whether with a jacket or not)? Think a mix of black textures, tones and a hint of colour pop accessorisation.

Two ways we love for how to style a black jumper:

  • Sienna Miller rocking a thin cashmere sweater with crisp white collared shirt and camel trench (see reference here).  It’s just enough camel to add a bit of life and pull of knowing how to style a black jumper in an effortless, understated way.
  • Kate Moss casual ‘walk the dog’ vibes wearing a thin vertical stripe jumper with a hint of colour (maroon and black) paired with black trench coat, black jeans and black boots. 

3. Plan your pants, skirt or dress 

Let’s say your leather jacket or coat isn’t the feature piece and maybe you have a favourite dress from Summer that didn’t get enough mileage or just always makes you feel good, but worn on its own you’d be frozen to the bone in Winter.

This is where layering is your best friend. Londoner’s pull off knowing how to style a jumper over a dress like no other urban city dwellers do, so taking style cues from them is always a good way to go.

A look we love is inspired by the English rose, Keira Knightley, star of Pride and Prejudice and Love Actually. Snapped in a low key, just got off the aeroplane look, Keira encapsulates effortless style when it comes to inspo for how to style a jumper over a dress (see here).

In this look, she naturally pairs a grey knit jumper with a black coat (alternatively could be paired with a Barnabas Leather Jacket or Apollo Leather Jacket), a tan overnight bag (like our Bartholomew Bag), black stockings and just a hint of her patterned dress as a skirt underneath. Et voila! Learning how to style a jumper over a dress suddenly became easy breezy!

4. Finish with details

Look to any celebrity, style guru or fashion designer and they will all tell you, the devil is in the detail. To know how to style a jumper in a nonchalant (yet fashion forward) way, it’s all about design details.

Has a chunky turtleneck with thick woollen stitching caught your eye? Make that the statement piece then focus on how to style a jumper in a way that lets it shine. A chunky style jumper may mean a low key outerwear look such as a simple trench or colour that doesn’t dominate the texture and shape of your jumper.

Alternatively, if you want to know how to style a cropped jumper or how to style a jumper over a dress then you need to consider practicalities such as the lengths of the knit or dress.

A cropped jumper will be short, so a long underneath layer or high waisted jeans and a warm coat or leather jacket will help you know how to style a cropped jumper in a balanced way.

Meanwhile, if you’re learning how to style a jumper over a dress, you need to consider the finer details such as the dress pattern, colours or the length. Maybe even whether you need sheer, opaque or textured stockings that tie in well with dress design and / or a thicker, cosier jumper or a-grade leather jacket to keep the upper body warm, as the dress will likely be a thinner fabric.

While these tips may sound common sense, it’s not often until you’re in a position where suddenly it’s freezing and you only have a summer wardrobe or chunky knit that doesn’t work well with your current leather jacket or coat collection, that knowing how to style a jumper becomes an important art.

For more practical styling tips such as how to style a leather jacket see our blog here or shop our full leather jacket range here.

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