How Sustainable is Leather?

How Sustainable is Leather?


The lowdown on what sustainable leather is, how to know if the leather is a sustainable material and how conscious ethical practises equal fashion done right.

Sustainability is fast becoming the new way forward in the fashion industry and we’re so here for it.

It’s not uncommon for people to often query if leather is a sustainable material, so to put your mind at ease, we share how to identify what sustainable leather is and how to feel good about what you invest in.

But first, let’s talk about the movement to conscious consumerism and how you can make wise decisions that feel good and support ethical production (like we do at Apostl). ‘How sustainable is leather?’ Read on to find answers. 


The Trend Towards Sustainability 

We’ve come a long way when it comes to ethical and eco conscious consumerism in the fashion industry. 

 Where in the past we purchased fashion to satiate individual style preferences and tastes, now as consumers we are becoming increasingly mindful about what we purchase by investing only in brands and products that are ethical and sustainable (and leave you feeling good after…aka no buyers regret!). 

 According to Vogue, the bible of fashion, “[while] mindful consumption has been on the rise for the last few years, the global pandemic scripted a turning point for the movement…now consumers want to know the heritage story behind the brand and the story behind every piece—where it was made, how it was made and the journey from its origin.”

 As a sustainable brand, we at Apostl are very much aligned with this mindset, making sure our consumers know how important our brand story is to us and how much being transparent about how our sustainable leather products are made matters. 


Sustainable Leather Q & A


 Q. Is leather a sustainable material?

 We’re so glad you asked. Ask any leather company and the answer to this question could be varied.

This is a tricky one in that genuine leather is a product derived from animals, however as we explained, all Apostl products are made using by-products of the meat industry, which means if not used or repurposed, they add to environmental waste.

Through this understanding, if debating is leather a sustainable material, then yes it is.

Beyond the leather product itself, other considerations around is leather a sustainable material, could also be defined by the leather brands ethical and sustainability practises (read more on this below).


Q. How sustainable is leather?

When debating between brands, knowing the philosophy and production processes matter too when it comes to weighing up how sustainable leather is and how ethical the brand is.

Apostl is proud to work with a local Balinese manufacturing team and be an ethical company that is transparent, engages in non-exploitative business practices and focuses on collaboration and co-creation, with the want to help to enhance the lives of our Indonesian partners as well.

 To read more about it or meet our designers see our about us page here.

 Q. Is leather eco-friendly?

With vegan leather trending, it’s no surprise that consumers want to understand -  ‘Is leather eco-friendly or is leather environmentally friendly?’  when the faux leather fans would have you believing otherwise.

We get it and as a family owned, ethical and sustainable leather brand we’re willing to talk about it.



As we alluded to early on in the blog, sustainable leather means regenerating leather (animal byproduct) that otherwise would have been discarded. From this understanding, Apostl leather is eco-friendly or you can say our leather is environmentally friendly in that we are reducing further waste.

The main concern often held by vegan leather lovers is the use of animal product in the first place. 

We get that there will always be valid concerns surrounding unethical practises towards animals.

Our mission at Apostl is to understand the leather market and only support ethical and sustainable leather practises that minimise harm through regenerating leather that would otherwise be discarded.

We ensure all sustainable leather products created are done so in an eco-friendly environment that uses sustainable leather and is handcrafted and hand stitched locally (thereby minimising energy resources).


 About Apostl Sustainable Leather

 As a local Tasmanian brand that is family owned and designed, at Apostl we are careful to weave mindful practises into every layer of our brand, from design to production, sales and the beautiful end product.

 Within the Apostl range, you can be assured that all products are ethically sourced, sustainable leather, made of A-grade genuine leather by local artisans in Bali (read about our designers here) and designed locally in Tasmania by founder BJ Radcliffe.

What constitutes as sustainable leather? Let us explain. When trying to determine, ‘Is leather a sustainable material?’ the important fine print to look over is to exactly what leather is being used.

Apostl leather is all a by-product of the meat industry. This means it is sustainable and ethical leather as if not used it would be burned or thrown away, further increasing landfill.

 Apostl Philosophies

At Apostl we understand that it’s so important that our customers understand what they are purchasing. By asking, ‘How sustainable is leather?’ and getting into the nitty gritty details like our brand philosophy, what our sustainable leather materials are and how we make our leather products, we want to empower you to make a conscious, mindful decision that feels right.

As we enter this new era of conscious consumerism, it’s not just about who you buy leather from, it's also about why you should buy sustainable leather and what else makes it sustainable. 

According to Vogue, a survey found that 71 per cent of people now plan to hold on to the items they have for longer too. This is a really important selling point about what makes leather sustainable long term as well.

When you purchase sustainable leather that promotes ethical practises and is designed and produced by a local family run business you can trust then you will also be investing in a lifelong leather guarantee.

Lifelong leather therefore means reducing how many fashion items you buy and how greater environmental impact you have. 



Not only can we assure you Apostl leather lasts the test of time but in our experience - just ask BJ’s Mum - the leather just gets better with age. Like a fine wine, our leather jackets (and accessories) only become more delicious - think buttery soft and melt to fit your body shape - as time goes on.

So if you’re conscious of your environmental footprint, consider minimising your shopping habit, consider changing from seasonal shopping to investing in sustainable leather staples that last longer.

For a year round wardrobe piece that will last you from day to night and Summer to Winter, we love the The Apostl Leather Jacket and Barnabas Jacket - both are sustainable leather must haves.

Accessory wise, the Apostl Wallets are a worthy sustainable leather investment that will carry your cards securely and continue to be an on-trend piece through every season.



The best part when you purchase from us too is that sustainability doesn’t just end when it comes to our leather. When you invest in an Apostl product, it is hand wrapped in a cotton drawstring bag that can be reused, adding to the leather eco-friendly experience.

Sold on our sustainable leather? Shop the Apostl sustainable leather collection here

Note: As pioneers for change we’re committed to crafting products with sustainable and ethical leather.

To learn more about how sustainable leather is or what makes Apostl leather sustainable material, learn more here or to ensure the sustainable leather stays in top condition read our care tips here.



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